The 3 million African-American businesses need credit to create additional jobs.  Only 100,000 have employees. We want to grow that number to 300,000 by 2020.

The $6 billion in deposits held by black banks is a fraction of the level needed to support a thriving business sector.  Once those banks achieve 10 percent market share, African-Americans can get the liquidity our communities need.

The 3.5 million blacks in New York City are the third largest city in the country, but only support two bank branches.   The 1 million African-Americans in Los Angeles only support five branches.  The 1.5 million in Chicago only support one thrift.

Don't bank with those who finance the enemies of black progress!

TRION SUPERCARS CEO Richard Patterson is manufacturing a 2,000 HP supercar, something he dreamed of as a schoolboy.